Ergonomics at Work

Office ergonomics is very important at work. This helps you avoid fatigue at work. Here are some tips!

  • Your arms must be supported at all times. The shoulders and neck will be hurting at the end of the day.
  • Monitor must be directly in front of you. No higher than eye level. Also keyboard must be directly in front of the monitor to avoid moving your head and neck often.
  • Keyboard and mouse should be near each other to prevent excessive reaching for them. This is to prevent arm and shoulder strain.
  • Feet should be completely flat on the floor. No dangling feet when you are seated. If your feet can’t touch the ground. Use a foot rest, or lower the chair.


Rights and Responsibilities

At work places, you have both rights and responsibilities you need to now. Here are some


  • You have the rights to know. This means that your employer must tell you about the hazards on the work site.
  • You have the rights to speak up. If you are confused about some equipment or dont know how to use it. You can ask for the proper training.
  • You have the rights to refuse. If you were asked to do something that seems unsafe. You can refuse without being penalized.


  • You must follow the safe work procedures.
  • Asking for training.
  • Bringing your own personal protective equipment provided by yourself or by your employer.
  • Identifying hazards. You don’t want to get hurt.